Ziggy's Diddy Dog Box

Ziggy's Diddy Dog Box

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At The Dog Box, we ship a whole host of tasty, healthy and organic dog treats and chews directly to your door. Our business understands how important the health and wellbeing of your pooch is to you, which is why we source high protein dog treats with no additives or nasty stuff!

Our natural dog treats are perfect for ensuring your furry friend’s immunity is strong, they also help to deworm your dog and our natural dog chews are ideal for cleaning your pet’s teeth.

Our healthy dog treats come in a range of handy boxes or we also sell them individually.

Each treat box is packed full of 100% natural dog treats and are perfect for those with sensitive stomachs. 

We have something to suit every canine – from puppy treat boxes to mega boxes! Your dog will have plenty of meat treats to enjoy. Speaking of which, let’s talk about The Chewer Box!

This is a specially selected box full of goodies suitable for dogs who love a good chew.

1 Black Pudding Stick, 3 Puffed Chicken Feet, 3 Standard Chicken Feet, a Big Handful of Fish Skin Cubes, 2 Lamb Ears, 80g of Pate,  a Big Handful of Pork Spaghetti, a Big Handful of Sprats, 1 Coin, 1 Sausage & 1 Tripe Stick

If your dog would prefer something a little more chewy.. check out Dexter's Box

(boxes are subject to change depending on stock levels)