Wild Bird Mix 18kg - Everyday Tweets

Wild Bird Mix 18kg - Everyday Tweets

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An all-seasons mix providing a variety of nutritious and beneficial seeds for wild birds, Everyday Tweets Wild Bird Food combines a tasty blend of seeds that attract a range of birds to your garden.

Did you know? The most common birds that you are likely to spot in your garden are Robins, House Sparrows, Chaffinches, Blue Tits and Blackbirds.

An ideal year round feed for all garden birds, Everyday Tweets Wild Bird Food is highly nutritious providing essential energy and protein. It is also fledgling safe and suitable for parent birds to feed to their young, and is best fed from a seed feeder or scattered on a bird table. Containing delicious black sunflower it provides a host of essential oils and calories for a high-energy feed that helps birds survive harsh weather conditions and continue to thrive year round. An economy formula it’s an ideal entry-level blend with a tried and tested recipe loved by birds. c

An ideal all-seasons economy seed mix for garden birds
Attracts a wide variety of bird species to your garden
Suitable for year-round feeding providing essential nutrition, particularly beneficial when natural food sources are scarce
Provides a rich source of energy, carbohydrates and protein
Contains a nutritious blend of seeds and grains
Ideal for feeding from the ground, table feeding or using a seed feeder
Tried and tested blend

Composition: Wheat, Cut Maize, Red Dari, Black Sunflower, Split Peas