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Sunflower Hearts 13kg - Everyday Tweets

Sunflower Hearts 13kg - Everyday Tweets

Everyday Tweets
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A must have in gardens all year round, Everyday Tweets Sunflower Hearts are an essential high-energy nutritious feed for garden birds offering the largest calorie to weight ratio of any other bird seed, as well as providing a supreme level of protein.

Did you know? Birds known for eating insects have started to adopt sunflower hearts as one of their main staples because they offer such great energy benefits!

An ideal year-round feed for wild birds, Everyday Tweets Sunflower Hearts are 100% edible thanks to their husk-free form.  The preferred seed for wild birds more than any other bird seed, their high-energy content means that wild birds won’t have to eat as often as with other seeds to fill their daily energy requirements, vital in colder months when birds need as much energy and protein as possible to survive the harsh weather conditions and continue to thrive.

Highly beneficial to wild birds, Everyday Tweets Sunflower Hearts provide nutritious natural oils helping to keep a birds’ feathers, skin and beaks in top condition. They attract a wide variety of garden birds with many birds devouring sunflower hearts in no time at all!  Quick, delicious and easy to eat birds require little energy to consume them yet they retain a high percentage of the energy that comes from this feed.  Try feeding from a Ground Feeding Tray, scatter over a bird table or hang from one of our Seed Feeders.

  • No mess, husk-free sunflower hearts
  • an ideal year-round feed for garden birds, attracting a wide variety of species
  • Naturally nutritious providing a rich source of energy
  • Highly beneficial to the health and condition of garden birds providing natural oils to promote the health of feathers, skin and beaks
  • Quick, delicious and easy to eat for all garden birds
  • Ideal for feeding from the ground, table feeding or using a seed feeder
  • Particularly beneficial during winter and spring months when food is scarce

Composition: Sunflower Hearts