DAF Salmon Oil 100ml

DAF Salmon Oil 100ml

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The high levels of natural Omega 3 found in Salmon Oil is known to hydrate dry, itchy skin, aid joint mobility, soothe cracked paws and help maintain a lustrous, glossy coat.

Salmon Oil can be to be used in addition to usual food, drizzled over the top or mixed in. It can also help aid the palatability of existing food.


100% Salmon Oil

Nutritional Analysis

EPA 6.31%, DHA 10.23%, N-3 26.74%, N-6 9.46%, N-9 


Place the Salmon Oil over food.

Feeding Guide Introduce gradually, serve over food

Cat = Half a teaspoon per day

Small dog = One teaspoon per day

Medium Dog = Two teaspoon per day

Large Dog = Three teaspoon per day

Storage: keep in a dark place, don't refrigerate, use within 3 months of opening.