We do not ship raw food, raw bones or raw treats (anything frozen). We hope to be able to ship nationwide by May!

Regular Dog Box

Regular Dog Box

The Dog Box
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Our regular dog box comes packed with a wide range of tasty treats! All our treats are 100% natural and freshly sourced from British farms.

Keep your dog entertained with treats from a range of proteins including: chicken, beef, fish, lamb, pork and wild game.

Suitable for dogs over 3 months old.

Box composition:*

25g Sprats

30g Sprat Bites

1x Hairy Cow Ear

1x Natural Rabbit Ear

1x Natural Lamb Ear

1x Beef Slice With Hair

1x Flat Gullet

3x Natural Chicken Feet

2x Natural Puffed Chicken Feet

1x Beef Air Pipe 25cm (Bully Tube)

15x Mini sausages

5x Fish cubes

1x Yakers Dog Chew - Small

1x Black Pudding Stick

1x Pizzle 12cm

1x Lamb Grill

1x Braided Lamb

1x Empty Hooves

1x Beef Paddywack

1x Camel Tripe


1x Pair Of Socks


*Items and portion sizes in the dog boxes are subject to change