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ML Pure Chicken Sausage 600g

ML Pure Chicken Sausage 600g

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Steakhouse pure meat sausages. For those who don't have a clean environment.


In addition to the well-known steakhouse pure meat cans, Fleischeslust also offers six different pure meats in the ecological sausage intestine.

600g rich meat with the finest centrepieces. For dogs that tolerate only certain high-quality proteins.


Thanks to the high-quality artificial intestine, the highly ecological, free of BISPHENOL-A and the 600g filling quantity are provided with a particularly attractive price-performance ratio.

Steakhouse pure meat sausages are perfect for mixing with flakes and/or vegetables,on the go or as an exclusion diet.



Pure Chicken Sausage

  • Single protein
    •Feed, non-vitaminized and mineralized



100% poultry, consisting of poultry meat, poultry heart, poultry liver, poultry skin, poultrynecks


Analytical components:

Crude protein 14.8%, crude fat 8.4%, crude ash 3.8%, crude fibre 2.0%, humidity 67.6%, carbohydrates 3.4%


Energetic feed value:

564 kJ/100g (135 kcal)

Ca = 0.21% Ph = 0.27%


Recommended feeding/day
(adult, normal weight edging dog):

  5 kg: 200-300 g

10 kg: 350-450 g

20 kg: 600-700 g

30 kg: 800-900 g


Approximate values, to be adjusted to the individual circumstances of your dog (run-out, activity, breed, metabolism, season).

We recommend regular weight checks!