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JW Invincible Chains (mini)

JW Invincible Chains (mini)

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JW Invincible Chains 

Size: Puppy

Get playtime going between you and your puppy with JW's Invincible Chains Puppy Toy.

This super-tough puppy toy is a great way to build a strong, lasting bond with your pup through playtime. The molding process and design of this toy link together three rubber rings with no seams that prevent the toy from ripping apart, making it strong enough to withstand strong tuggers and chewers.

The rubber is gentle on your hands and your pup's mouth as they tug and chew on the toy. Your pup will love tugging this toy with all his might to get it away from you.

Great for multi-dog households.

Perfect for interactive games of tug-o-war.

A fun way to build a lasting bond with your pup.