We do not ship raw food, raw bones or raw treats (anything frozen). We hope to be able to ship nationwide by March!

ML Horse Training Snacks 100g

ML Horse Training Snacks 100g

Meat Love
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Whole fillet pieces or small appetizers: Our dry snacks always consist of 100% real meat.


Only the best meat from food production serves as the basis for our dried meat snacks.

In addition to conventional air drying, we rely primarily on state-of-the-art freeze drying systems.

With innovative and very gentle drying processes, we enable important nutrients to be preserved much better in the final product than is possible with conventional drying systems. Hand-picked, fine pieces of meat are gently dried.


What remains are treats, for which four-legged friends go through thick and thin. Convince yourself of a varied assortment, in which also allergy sufferers get their money's worth.


Dry snack / supplementary feed



100% horsemeat / freeze-dried


Analytical components: 

Crude protein 61.6%, crude fat 33.5%, crude fibre 2.5%, crude ash 2.5%, humidity 2.3%

100% natural product, without preservatives, colours and flavourings