Fishy Super Sprinkles

Fishy Super Sprinkles

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100% Natural Air-Dried Treats

60g per pack

Suitable for puppies above 8 weeks, adult and senior dogs

Made from sustainably sourced whitefish skins, organic seaweed and organic parsley, SUPER SPRINKLES offer a crunchy topping to add to your dog's meals

Why feed our Fishy SUPER SPRINKLES?

Not only will the tasty sprinkles get their taste buds singing (you can add to any food raw, dry or canned), they are an ideal source of nutrients for your dog.

The crunchy fish skins are full of essential omegas 3, 6 and 9 which help improve skin and coat, whilst the crunch help clean the teeth - a natural tooth brush.

Our organic, hand picked seaweed is packed with nutrients and possess a range of medicinal characteristics, including anticancer, anti-inflammatory and can help to make thicker, shinier coats, whilst increasing immunity and improving digestion.

Parsley is a super-herb delivering many health benefits and is rich in a variety of important vitamins and minerals and can help to provide immune support.
Simply sprinkle on your dog's dinners to add an extra flavour and texture


Made with 100% natural whitefish skins, responsibly sourced organic hand-harvested Irish seaweed and organic parsley

Analysis percentage per 100g

79.9% Protein
0.8% Total Fat
6.6% Crude Fibre
9.9% Ash