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ML Farmers Menu (chicken, lamb and beef)
ML Farmers Menu (chicken, lamb and beef)
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ML Farmers Menu (chicken, lamb and beef)

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The new junior and senior menus are specially adapted to the needs of adolescent and older dogs.


In addition to seniors, puppies and young dogs are the highest risk group to develop feed intolerances. They in particular depend on high-quality and easily digestible proteins.


In our Farmer menu we pay special attention to this and use mainly pure muscle meat and only 5% carbohydrate sources, which inhibit important nutrients, such as calcium, mainly due to the contained phytic acid. With the selection of different, high-quality meat and innard components, we not only achieve an optimal supply of nutrients and minerals, but also contribute to a high feed acceptance in adult age.

Our Farmer menu is enriched with a balanced ratio of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, whose vitamins and minerals promote good muscle building, cell renewal, vision and metabolism. The probiotics contained in the cottage cheese serve a healthy intestinal flora and strengthen the immune system.


Single feed for dogs

Fine of chicken, lamb and beef

with cottage cheese and sweet potatoes

  • 100% gluten-free
    100% grain-free

Composition:80% meat and innards (28% chicken, 10% beef, 10% lamb heart, 10% beef lung, 7% chicken stomachs, 5% chicken liver, 5% chicken necks, 5% beef heart), 5.8% carrots, 5% sweet potato, 2% cottage cheese, brewer's yeast, parsley, whole egg, sea salt, liver tran, chamomile, eggshell, yucca root 

Analytical components:

Crude protein 13.8%, crude fat 6.2%, crude ash 5.4%, crude fibre 3.0%, humidity 70.4%, carbohydrates 1.2%


Energetic feed value:

439 kJ/100 g (105 kcal)

Ca = 0.615 Ph = 0.39%

Recommended feeding/day
(adult, normal weight dog):

5 kg: 250-350 g

10 kg: 450-550 g

20 kg: 800-900 g

30 kg: 1,050-1,200 g


  Recommended feeding/day
(young dog, older than 4 months):
5 kg: 400-550 g

10 kg: 800-900 g


Approximate values, to be adjusted to the individual circumstances of your dog (run-out, activity, breed, metabolism, season).

We recommend regular weight checks!