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Crocodile Training Bites 100g

Crocodile Training Bites 100g

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Our Crocodile contain 100% crocodile steak meats which are air-dried and diced into cubes we have carefully sourced this meat from down under Australia, however all meats are manufactured here within the UK. Which means our crocodile meats are free from all the nasty preservatives, Additives,, artificial colours & flavours, Gluten, Grain, Dairy, Egg, Wheat, Soya and sugars. 

Comes in a bag of 100g 

Feeding Guide:

A complementary treat for dogs

Suitable for dog's over 12 weeks of age. 

Always ensure fresh drinking water is readily available with your dog treats, chews or food.  


100% Premium Crocodile Steak Meat Sourced from Australia, Made by us within the UK. 

Nutritional Analysis: 

Protein 82.1% Fat 4.2% Moisture 5% Ash 2.7% Fibre 2%