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ML Horse with Potatoes
ML Horse with Potatoes
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ML Horse with Potatoes

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Product information "Horse with potatoes"

Our Vet-Care line: Hypoallergenic formulations, recommended by veterinarians.


This wet food line is specially designed for dogs that should tolerate only one source of protein nutritionally, be gluten-free and particularly starchy. The hypoallergenic formulations are particularly suitable for dogs with allergies and feed intolerances, but also in dogs with diabetes mellitus, inflammatory pancreases and joint diseases (arthrosis, HD) as well as epilepsy.


In our variety "horse with potatoes" we use 90% finest horse meat and valuable horse innards. In this recipe, care was taken to ensure that the potato content is kept as low as possible due to its high starch content. A lot of strength leads to high blood sugar levels, which in turn is a risk factor for allergies, skin diseases and inflammation.


Single feed for dogs


with potatoes

  • 100% horse
    single protein
    100% gluten-free
     100% grain-free



90% horse (50% horsemeat, 20% horse heart, 15% horse lung, 15% horse liver), 8% potatoes, thistle oil, eggshell powder


Analytical components:

Crude protein 14.2%, crude fat 7.7%, crude ash 3.2%, crude fibre 2.2%, humidity 68.5%, carbohydrates 4.2%


Energetic feed value:

544 kJ/100 g (130 kcal)

Ca = 0.22% Ph = 0.17%


Recommended feeding/day
(adult, normal weight edging dog):

  5 kg: 200-300 g

10 kg: 400-500 g

20 kg: 700-800 g

30 kg: 900-1,000 g


Approximate values, to be adjusted to the individual circumstances of your dog (run-out, activity, breed, metabolism, season).

We recommend regular weight checks!