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Colloidal Silver Tincture

Colloidal Silver Tincture

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It might be said that a healthy dog is one which will pick up scrapes, cuts and infections – in many cases, this can suggest that your pet lives a healthy life with plenty of opportunities to roam outdoors! 

This colloidal silver tincture is a tonic which can be a useful addition to your first aid kit, as it is said that in could aid minor infections – including bacterial, fungal, respiratory and ear.

What exactly is colloidal silver? It is a liquid antibiotic which contains submicroscopic silver particles, that are suspended in its liquid base. Because the particles are so small, they are able to offer superior cell penetration that you would expect from standard silver tincture.
Our hand-blended ancient preparation is powerful & effective in supporting the health of your dog.


Aqueous based Colloidal Silver @ 800 ppm

• No Palm Oil • No chemicals • No nasty stuff

1ml directly into the mouth or added to food morning & night.

Size; 100ml

Shake well before use.

Always consult a vet if you think your dog is ill or in pain.