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Buffalo Spaghetti Sticks

Buffalo Spaghetti Sticks

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Monty's Buffalo Spaghetti Sticks are 100% all-natural treats that are a healthier, leaner alternative to beef. 

Great for maintaining a dog's dental health because it massages gums and helps control tartar. Yes they do smell, but yes they are loved by many dogs hence why they've been voted our number 1 favorite of 2020! 200g per bag. 

Feeding Guide:

A complementary treat for dogs
Suitable for dog's over 12 weeks of age.
Always ensure fresh drinking water is readily available with your dog treats, chews or food.


100% Buffalo Intestine

Nutritional Analysis:
Protein 80% Fat 7.5% Moisture 14.2% Ash 2.8% Fibre 4.1%