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Myths Around Raw

More people than ever before are giving their dogs a raw diet, but some dog owners are deterred from choosing this way of feeding their pets due to myths about the raw diet that still persist. Here, we take a look at some common misconceptions and put them to rest so you can be well-informed about whether this way of feeding your pet could be right for you.


Raw Diets Are Dangerous Because Of Salmonella

Evidence has shown that salmonella is found in as great a percentage as 36% of healthy dogs whatever type of food they’re consuming. Therefore, there’s no greater risk of salmonella bacteria from giving your pet a raw diet than from feeding him pre-made foods. You shouldn’t handle raw meat to give your pet in any way that is different to that in which you would handle meat for your own meal. Make sure you spend 20 seconds or longer washing your hands after you’ve handled raw meat to feed your pet and wash your hands before you eat and before you prepare human food. This should apply why you’re feeding your dog raw food or kibble.


A Raw Diet Is Unbalanced

When you feed your dog only chicken or only beef, this isn’t a safe or balanced diet, that’s true. However, a diet of raw foods should contain 85% meat, 5% organ meat an 10% bone. This is a balanced diet that gives your pet all the nutrients he needs for good health. Not every meal needs to be balanced as long as your pet is eating the right balance of foods over time.


The Raw Diet Is Costly

It can be costly to feed your dog a pre-made raw diet. Buying a branded raw product for your pet is expensive because it’s convenient and well-balanced. However, you can save money by making food for your pet at home. This doesn’t need to be any more expensive than buying standard dog food kibble.


Vets Don’t Recommend Raw Feeding

Some vets are wary of giving dogs a raw food diet because they have had negative experiences with this way of feeding or they lack the necessary information they need to recommend it. However, many vets do feel positive about feeding dogs raw food.


Giving Your Dog Raw Bones Is Dangerous

Not every raw bone will be dangerous for your pet. Weight bearing bones could be too strong for your pet’s teeth and could cause them to break, while rib bones may be too weak for tough chewers and this could cause pieces to splinter off inside your pet’s digestive system. However, turkey necks, beef knuckle bones and beef kneecaps are all ideal for dogs as long as they are being supervised while eating them.


Although raw food isn’t ideal for every dog, it’s important to be well-informed about the reality of raw feeding so that you can make the right decision for your pet.

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